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PC Muscle
Exercises For Men

According to one doctor, exercising the PC muscle is becoming more popular among men. It can help keep the prostate healthy, and it can benefit the way a man performs, sexually. It's been said that a strong PC muscle can produce stronger sensations during arousal and orgasm, and it can give a man greater ejaculation control.

Imagine being able to have rock hard erections, and the ability to keep from ejaculating when you flex this muscle so tightly that it cuts off the ejaculatory canal. This can be beneficial for two reasons, when trying to conceive. First, having long, sustained erections, and secondly, having the ability to control when you ejaculate can allow extra time during sex so that you can bring your wife to orgasm.

According to the Shettle's Method for conceiving a baby boy, a woman's orgasm increases the alkalinity of the vaginal environment making it more friendly to the little boy sperm (Y sperm). But I'm going to take this a step further. If you aren't trying for a boy or a girl, but you happen to be making love 1 or 2 days before ovulation, then bringing your wife to orgasm will increase her chances of getting pregnant.

With ovulation that close, you want to give the faster swimming sperm the best chance at reaching the egg quickly. If you're having sex 3 or more days before ovulation, it's better for your wife not to have an orgasm which will give the slower, more hearty sperm a better chance of reaching the egg when she ovulates a few days later.

For men, exercising this muscle can help them shoot semen/sperm further, thus allowing the semen to be deposited near the woman's cervix so the sperm can start their journey to the egg. This can be most helpful when making love 1 or 2 days before ovulation. When a man climaxes, he should have have deep penetration, depositing the sperm right at the woman's cervix. If making love 3 days or more before ovulation, then shallow penetration and depositing further away from the cervix is helpful.

Both men and women have PC muscles which run from the pubic bone to the tail bone, surrounding the sexual organs. This muscle plays a vital role in both male and female sex. The spasms of orgasm are caused by the rapid involuntary contractions of this muscle.

Many women are familiar with Kegels, the exercises designed for strengthening the PC muscle in a woman. I use these exercises to tighten my vaginal walls, which gives my husband more pleasure. But for men, exercising this muscle is something new.

So how can a man find his PC Muscle?

It's actually very easy. It's the same way a woman does. When you urinate, try stopping the flow of urine mid-stream. The muscle you squeeze to stop the urine is your PC muscle. After you finish urinating, practice squeezing that muscle a few times. This will help you learn which muscle to squeeze when you're exercising this muscle (which, by the way, you can do anywhere, anytime - women, same goes for you). Men and women can even practice during sex. It seems to enhance the sexual experience.

Please follow the directions carefully, and as with any exercise program, you should check with your Doctor before engaging in any vigorous exercise. (I had to throw that in as a little disclaimer).

These exercises start with a warm up which increases blood flow to the penis, and ultimately gives you better control over your muscle.

Warm Up:

Flex and unflex your PC muscle, steadily, for 30 flexes. When you finish with those, rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 2 more times, for a total of 3 sets of 30 flexes, with 30 second rests in between.


Squeeze the muscle count to 5. Repeat this 10 times.Squeeze the muscle 10 times quickly. Repeat this 3 times.Squeeze the muscle steadily for 30 flexes and rest for 30 seconds (like the warm up). Repeat 3 times.Squeeze as hard as you can and hold it as long as you can. Work your way up to 2 minutes.

During erection, squeeze your muscle so that you are able to tap your penis against your stomach.

That's it! I've read that this is something you can do for the rest of your life to ensure longer lasting and stronger orgasms.

Strengthening this muscle can give a man the hard erection he and his wife desire, greater stimulation and pleasure, and more intense ejaculations. On top of that, it can help your wife's chances of conceiving. PC muscle exercises for men? It's a great discovery and a very good thing!

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